Chariots on the Highway

Every year, young men come from all over the world to join the IDF and fight for Israel. They leave everything behind and become what are known as lone soldiers.

Tom, a young man from Kansas, has traveled to Israel to fight for his people. He came to fight, he came to escape.
Dan Green has it all. He owns Greentech technologies, lives in a small mansion near Tel Aviv, and looks like a movie star. But his blue eyes are hiding a storm that threatens to crush him.
Dan and Tom cross paths at a crucial point in their lives. Neither of them thought that what began as volunteering would change everything they thought they knew.
This is a journey of exploration and discovery, about asking the right questions and finding the answers.
In the traffic jams of Ayalon Highway, the bustle of the city, on the battlefield, and deep in their dreams, together they peel off layers of pain… and find themselves.




Completely connected to the characters!


By M. Weinstein on April 14, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I read a lot of books and I have the habit of getting caught up in them to the point of sleep deprivation. This book was even worse for my sleep pattern! I literally finished it in 24 hours. I couldn’t put it down.

Step into the lives of an Israeli Lone Soldier and his friend. The dedication that was put into these characters will make you swear you knew them personally. The detail into the setting and sequence creates a world around you as you dive deeper into the lives of normal people going through normal, yet extraordinary, life. While this is fiction, the events that transpire are someone’s reality. The emotions are real: love, hope, despair, worry, indifference, confusion, anger, fear, grief, excitement… They all weave together so seamlessly that you’ll soon be saying ‘just one more chapter’.

I’m eagerly awaiting Moyal’s next novel <3



By Bookworm on April 14, 2015 

Format: Kindle Edition

So when I first started I was a little apprehensive because even as a dedicated and an obsessive reader I never felt the attraction towards homosexual affairs in the literature…But I was told it was mild and will not shock me. Only it did! It has shocked me in the most beautiful way! I couldn’t put the book down. I was in love with the charachters, I felt their fear, their pain, their hope in such a strong way. I am not ahamed to say i was even hot and bothered by their sexual encounters!! The book is well written and the author dealt with their feelings with such care it’s obvious she lived and loved them! If this is a debut book for this author I can’t wait to read her future work. And one more very important issue in this book, the soundtrack of it is simply beautiful. If you can synchronize reading it with listening to the track list (which is very explicit in the book) it will greatly enhance your experience. I highly recommend!!!


chariots on the highway sad-dan

Format: Kindle Edition

Well well well “Chariots on the Highway” what can I say??? PERFECTION!!!
I was one of the luckiest beta readers that got the chance to get to know Dan & Tom’s story from a few months ago and I have to say – THEIR AMAZIMG STORY STILL LIVES IN MY HEART!!!!
Its not that often that a story can take you places that you’ve never been before, but that story sure has…
Ups and downs of feelings and events that left me hooked from the title ’till the final word – just like any highway, you just can’t put your eyes off of the road.
I hope the the writer is going to continue their story, because I sure would like to know what happens next!!

Paspajak Patrol

each unique and beautiful in his own special way

By Amazon Customer on April 15, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Chariots is a captivating heart melting romance novel, between two men. each unique and beautiful in his own special way. Together they from a bond that transform gradually into a love story.
Dan is a reach gorgeous businessman who just got divorced and looking for something to distract him from his own demons, he finds that volunteering can help him and adopts Tom, a foreign lone soldier.
The friendship between them grow slowly, and Dan realizes that he needs Tom as much as Tom needs him, he realizes that what he feels for Tom is more than just care, but something like lust .that revelation makes him question his own sexuality and confuses him.
When Tom starts dating a new guy, the jealousy that Dan feels threaten to drawn him, and forces him to act on his feelings.

It was an amazing read, the writing is witty and flowing .
I enjoyed every second, and couldn’t put it down. And if you are a true book lover, don’t miss this one! It is one of a kind.


naked and mine chariots on the highway

Format: Kindle Edition

When I started this story I must admit I was nervous about the gay romance, but not for long. I soon became invested in Dan and Tom’s story.
I love that Tom is the Yang to Dan’s Yin. They complement each other and Tom really does bring out the best in Dan. The sex scenes are descriptive but it is the emotion that comes through more than the sex.

I love the author’s descriptions. This is my favourite passage in the book.

“Mike always told him that happiness is like soap bubbles, it comes in small fragile doses, transparent and gentle, that you can’t catch and hold forever. You have to learn to recognize the moment, to embrace it and, when the bubble pops and the moment is over, choose whether to remember it or not.”

The story was a gripping emotional read that kept me awake into the wee hours of the morning. I would definitely read more from this author.





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  1. Amazing book -couldn’t put it down for a second
    Do yourself a favor and start reading it today.

  2. Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out some additional information.

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