Guest post – Author Jesse Frankel

Today I am so pleased to welcome a fellow author and a dear friend, Jesse Frankel. Jesse has come to talk to us about his latest release, star maps. Please join me in giving Jesse a big welcome!   So Jesse tell us about yourself and your work Well I write mainly Young Adult (YA) Fantasy, […]

Israel Lone soldiers – The reality behind Chariots on the Highway

 I chose to focus my first novel on the Israeli army in general and on lone soldiers in particular. IDF is a backbone of our country and as such we are all soldiers. ISRAEL Lone soldiers are important and unique part of our army, and I wanted to provide an insight on them from a different angle. Chariots on […]

Charles Raines, is my special guest today

Today, I have Charles Raines, a gay author as my special guest.  Raines writes m/m fiction with reams of romance, a sprinkling of erotica, a touch of mystery, and a splash of suspense.      The Man With The Mandolin is Charles Raines’ latest novel. It’s a gay erotic mystery and essentially a love story.                                    What’s it […]

Interview i gave on Cameron James Blog

Today, I have Limor Moyal, author of the gay romance novel, Chariots on the Highway, as my special guest.  In a moment, we’ll have a chat with Limor to find out more about her book and the inspiration behind it. First, though, let’s take a glance at the blurb: Every year, young men come from all over […]