Israel Lone soldiers – The reality behind Chariots on the Highway

 I chose to focus my first novel on the Israeli army in general and on lone soldiers in particular.

IDF is a backbone of our country and as such we are all soldiers.

ISRAEL Lone soldiers are important and unique part of our army, and I wanted to provide an insight on them from a different angle.

Chariots on the Highway is a story about Tom who is a lone soldier in the IDF. He is an American Jewish guy, that like many others, choose to leave everything behind and come to ISRAEL to fight and support his people. 


Chariots on the Highway

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are not a regular army as exists in most countries. Israel is a small nation, standing in constant war on multiple borders. The IDF is the army of the people; it’s made of Israeli citizens that must enlist and serve. Service is mandatory for every Israeli man and woman (except Orthodox Jews). Women serve two years, and men serve for three years. Citizens are not paid for their service. This is a national contribution one must do for his homeland. We give ourselves to the army, and it is an obligation that we as Israelis are proud to fulfill.
Israel’s Lone Soldiers are those whose families live abroad, they are young Jewish men and women that choose to leave their countries of origin in order to serve the State of Israel. These soldiers willingly accept the responsibility of defending Israel, their adopted home, in the name of Jews worldwide. Many choose to serve in combat positions; enduring grueling training, exercises, missions, and operations, all to ensure Israel’s safety. For us Israelis, these young people, who leave a comfortable life behind and come to serve for three difficult years, are nothing less than heroes. We admire them and treat them with the utmost respect. Since most of them don’t have families in Israel, they can either join a kibbutz or an Israeli family who adopts them, so they have a warm place to relax when on leave. This story is for them. Israel’s Lone Soldiers 

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